Day 2 of the 2021 NHL Draft has wrapped up. Here is a recap of the notable selections and what the Canadian teams did on Saturday.  

Avs land younger Makar

With the 220th pick, the Avalanche have landed forward Taylor Makar. Taylor's older brother Cale is a star on the blueline for the Avalanche. Cale re-upped with Colorado on Saturday on a six-year, $54 million extension. 

Habs land Vrbetic

The Habs select goaltender Joe Vrbetic with the 214th pick. 

Oilers add more defence

With the 212th pick, the Oilers select defenceman Maximus Wanner.

Flames go with a goalie

The Flames select goaltender Arsenii Sergeev with the 205th pick. 

Sens take Romeo

With the 202nd pick, the Senators take defenceman Chandler Romeo. 

Canucks land Forsell

The Canucks select forward Lucas Forsell with the 201st pick. 

Habs take Simoneau

With the 191st pick, the Habs select forward Xavier Simoneau. 

Oilers continue to add

The Oilers select forward Shane Lachance with the 186th pick. 

Leafs choose goalie

With the 185th pick, the Maple Leafs select goaltender Vyacheslav Peksa.

Oilers select Petrov

The Oilers have taken defenceman Matvei Petrov with the 180th overall pick. 

Canucks add again in sixth round

With their second pick of the sixth, the Canucks take forward Connor Lockhart 178th overall. 

Ciona to Calgary

With their second pick in the sixth round, the Flames select forward Lucas Ciona 173rd overall. 

Canucks add 'D'

The Canucks choose defenceman Hugo Gabrielson 169th overall.

Flames take Beck

The Flames select forward Jack Beck with the 168th pick. 

Leafs choose Voit

The Maple Leafs select forward Ty Voit with the 153rd pick. 

Roy to the Habs

The Habs choose forward Joshua Roy 150th overall. 

Jets add Rashevsky

The Jets select forward Dmitri Rashevsky 146th overall.

Habs select Sobolev

The Habs choose Russian defenceman Daniil Sobolev 142nd overall. 

Flames add Jordan

The Calgary Flames select defenceman Cole Jordan with the 141st pick. 

Canucks take goalie, defenceman

The Canucks select goaltender Aku Koskenvuo and defenceman Aku Koskenvuo with the 137th and 140th picks respectively. 

Sens take Latimer

The Senators pick forward Carson Latimer 123rd overall. 

Oilers pick Chiasson

The Oilers select forward Jake Chiasson with the 116th pick. 

Habs add Trudeau

With their first pick of the fourth round, the Habs select defenceman William Trudeau 113th overall. 

Oilers go for defence

The Oilers select defenceman Luca Munzenberger 90th overall. 

Whynot for Calgary

The Calgary Flames draft defenceman Cameron Whynot with the 89th pick.

Habs pick Kostenko

The Habs select Russian defenceman Dmitri Kostenko with the 87th pick. 

Jets add defence

The Jets select defenceman Dmitry Kuzmin with the 82nd pick. 

Flames continue to add

The Flames select forward Cole Huckins with the 77th pick. 

Sens go forward

The Ottawa Senators select forward Oliver Johansson with the 74th pick. 

Habs go back-to-back

With the 63rd and 64th picks in the picks in the draft to close out the second round, the Habs select forwards Riley Kidney and Oliver Kapanen.

Brothers unite

The Chicago Blackhawks have selected forward Colton Dach with the 62nd pick. His older brother Kirby was selected third overall by Chicago in 2019 and made the NHL as an 18-year-old.

Leafs select Knies

With their first pick in the draft, the Toronto Maple Leafs select forward Matthew Knies with the 57th pick. 

Islanders take Raty

The New York Islanders have selected forward Aatu Raty with the 52nd pick.

Jets land Chibrikov

The Winnipeg Jets have selected forward Nikita Chibrikov with the 50th pick.

Sens continue to add

With their second second-round pick of the day, the Senators take defenceman Ben Roger from the OHL's London Knights. 

Flames nab Stromgren

The Flames have selected forward William Stromgren with the 45th pick. 

Canucks on Day 2

With the 41st overall pick, Vancouver took forward Danila Klimovich.

With the 41st overall selection in the 2021 #NHLDraft, the Vancouver #Canucks have selected Danila Klimovich from Minsk Zubry.#CanucksDraft | @ToyotaPacific

— Vancouver #Canucks (@Canucks) July 24, 2021


Senators add on

The Ottawa Senators took centre Zack Ostapchuk with the 39th overall selection. The pick completes the trade made in 2018 sending Erik Karlsson to the San Jose Sharks.

With the 39th overall pick in the 2021 #NHLDraft, the #Sens select Zack Ostapchuk from the @WHLGiants! #GoSensGo pic.twitter.com/oR8u28vhJc

— Ottawa Senators (@Senators) July 24, 2021



Family Matters!

With the 37th pick, Arizona took forward Josh Doan, son of Coyotes legend Shane Doan,

Born here.

Raised here.

Stays here.

With the #37 overall pick, we've drafted Josh Doan. 👏 pic.twitter.com/NsE8gQ6UU4

— Arizona Coyotes (@ArizonaCoyotes) July 24, 2021


Kings and Coyotes deal:

The LA Kings have acquired forwards Brayden Burke and Tyler Steenbergen from the Arizona Coyotes in exchange for blueliner Cole Hults and forward Boko Imama.


The LA Kings have acquired Brayden Burke & Tyler Steenbergen from the @ArizonaCoyotes in exchange for Cole Hults & Boko Imama.

— LA Kings (@LAKings) July 24, 2021



Who's on the board?

Thirty-one players selected in Round 1 on Friday night. Check out who's available in Bob McKenzie's Final Prospect Ranking.

Going into Round 2 tomorrow morning, TSN’s “best available” include:

23. Francesco Pinelli

24. Nikita Chibrikov

26. Daniil Chayka

27. Logan Stankoven

28. Aatu Raty

30. Samu Tuomaala

32. Simon Robertsson

36. Sasha Pastujov

37. Scott Morrow

38. Prokhor Poltapov

39. Jack Peart

— Bob McKenzie (@TSNBobMcKenzie) July 24, 2021



Coronato looks to local name for inspiration

TSN's Calgary reporter Salim Valji on Flames first-rounder Matthew Coronato, who doesn't have to look to far on who he wants to emulate:

From @salimvalji: Flames first-round pick Matthew Coronato looks to emulate Calgary native Brayden Point - https://t.co/4odkHSTVCJ#TSNHockey pic.twitter.com/Dd9icGIS6x

— TSN Hockey (@TSNHockey) July 24, 2021



Reaction to Canadiens' selection of Logan Mailloux

The Montreal Canadiens took Logan Mailloux with the No. 31 pick on Friday night just days after the defenceman posted a statement on Twitter asking teams not to choose him in this year's draft.

Mailloux's statement followed news that he had been charged and paid a fine in Sweden for distributing a sexual photo without consent.

Some reactions to the pick, starting with Saskatoon Blades GM Colin Preistner: 

So an NHL team selects a kid who has been convicted of a sex crime in the first round? The player, who begged not be picked because he was not “mature enough”? This team is clearly not concerned about sex crime VICTIMS.

They’ll have to renounce this pick within a week. WTF.

— Colin Priestner (@colinpriestner) July 24, 2021

You don’t need to be female, or the parent of a girl, to be shocked by the Montreal Canadiens selection of Logan Mailloux in the NHL draft, but if you’re male, just for a moment try putting yourself in the position of a female fan and picture how devastating this must feel.

— Gord Miller (@GMillerTSN) July 24, 2021

Mailloux was ranked 35th on TSN’s final draft rankings, but many NHL clubs who still “ranked” Mailloux on their respective draft lists indicated they would not be drafting Mailloux because of his criminal action in Sweden. It was stunning to hear his name called in the 1st round.

— Bob McKenzie (@TSNBobMcKenzie) July 24, 2021


Button on Habs drafting Mailloux: 'It's a callous disregard for the victim'

Earlier this week, Logan Mailloux had renounced himself from the draft after paying a fine for an offence of a sexual nature in Sweden last year. Despite the circumstances, Montreal opted to draft him with the 31st pick in the first round. TSN Director of Scouting Craig Button weighed in on the surprise selection.

Ross & Trentadue: Disappointing pick from the Canadiens

Matthew Ross & Dave Trentadue react to the Montreal Canadiens drafting Logan Mailloux in the first round of the 2021 NHL Draft.

/audio">> Bader: Mailloux wouldn't have been my pick if I were the Habs

NHL Draft Expert Byron Bader joins Matthew Ross & Dave Trentadue to discuss the Canadiens' selection of Logan Mailloux with their first-round draft pick, Owen Power going first overall and more.



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NHL Draft Day Blog - Day 2: Rounds 2 through 7 today


NHL Draft Day Blog - Day 2: Rounds 2 through 7 today

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