Goodfellas Quotes About Jimmy. I'm not mad, i'm proud of ya. The keys to a dozen hideout flats all over the city.

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With that in mind, here are the 10 most memorable quotes from goodfellas. The scene ends with the brutal murder of billy at the hands of tommy, jimmy, and henry. Goodfellas robert de niro quotes (james conway) james conway:


Jimmy Was The Kind Of Guy That Rooted For Bad Guys In The Movies.

Whenever we needed money, we’d rob the airport. You’re gonna do it.” 7 “the hoof.” 6 “it’s gonna be a good summer.” 5 “they whacked him. Tommy starts kicking him to death, and jimmy and henry join in to support their friend.

To Us, It Was Better Than Citibank.

The best quotes from 'goodfellas' are really iconic and characters like henry hill, billy batts, james conway, tommy devito, and jimmy two times really make them better. The mafia quotes from 'goodfellas' are reasonably accurate as they capture the rules laid down by the italian mafia in the late 20th century. Good fellas by nicholas pileggi and martin scorcese based on the book wiseguys by nicholas pileggi shooting draft january 3, 1989 revised 1/12/89 fade in:

I'm F***Ing Kidding With You;

15 most memorable quotes from goodfellas. I'm a good shot, what do you want from me? — henry hill , goodfellas.

The Scene Ends With The Brutal Murder Of Billy At The Hands Of Tommy, Jimmy, And Henry.

10 “never rat on your friends and always keep your mouth shut.” 9 “look what this f***ing mutt did to my shoes.” 8 “you’re gonna dig the hole. Yeah, i know that, i know jimmy, you think i would take chances like jimmy? See more ideas about goodfellas, goodfellas quotes, quotes.

Take A Few Days Off.

I'm not mad, i'm proud of ya. I got to admit the truth. He's a good earner but he's wild, takes too many chances.

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