Luke I Am Your Father Quote Wrong. Luke, i am your father. but this is wrong. With it being such an iconic quote, it was easy for other shows and movies to use it as a reference.

200以上 i am your father quote 228651Luke i am your father
200以上 i am your father quote 228651Luke i am your father

He said, “no, i am your father.” 6. That line was never uttered in any of the movies. “but ironically, the line is often misquoted:


“No, I Am Your Father.” What You Thought It Was:

Too bad darth vader never said it. In actual fact, what darth vader says is: Darth vader drops this bomb on luke skywalker at the climax of the movie—and by climax, we mean that the two have just had a killer lightsaber duel that peaked with vader lightsabering off luke's hand.

It's Always Been No, I Am Your Father.

This was the moment when darth vader revealed to luke skywalker that they were father and son. I am your father.” one of the most hilarious pop. No, i am your father. snow white and the seven dwarfs

The Quote Is Actually, No, I Am Your Father. Feel Free To Frantically Google That.

“the dialogue became part of popular culture,” lucasfilm says. Lucasfilm also confirms the line is, “no, i am your father.”. “luke, i am your father,” is probably one of the most famous lines in film.

This Line Is Spoken By Darth Vader, Voiced By James Earl Jones, In The Film The Empire Strikes Back, Directed By George Lucas (1980).

Return of the jedi context: It's the thing to say when you meet a fellow named luke, even if he's not a moisture farmer from tatooine. This is one of the cases where an incorrect quote has become more popular than the original one.

He Told Me You Killed Him!

In fact, vader responds to luke’s claim that he’d killed the young man’s father. In reality, he says no, i am your father. Did darth vader say no, i am your father?

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