Mgs5 Miller Quotes. If you agree with me, make yourself known. — soviet commander of da shago kallai, episode 3: “i like seeing good people win.”.

Kazuhira Miller Without Glasses / I will post metal gear
Kazuhira Miller Without Glasses / I will post metal gear

Psycho mantis was a psychic member of foxhound, who participated in the armed takeover of shadow moses island in 2005. I didnt like getting pinged so i disabled comments lol sorry We'll make diamonds from their ashes.


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On their first encounter, ocelot takes down a group of. That's when you can't do anything right. Snake eater / metal gear solid 4:

Mac Miller Has Produced Some Of The Best Music And Made His Mark Within A Short Span On Time.

[from trailer] kazuhira miller : The funniest god damn thing to come out of this game was that [kaz was embezzling dd funds to create the perfect hamburger] (/spoiler) 127. [over radio] just go along with him for now.

“You Could Have The World In The Palm Of Your Hand, But It Don’t Mean A Thing ’Til You Change It.”.

When you feel sad, it's okay. This is a quote ocelot has adopted from naked snake. Never was, never will be.”

He's Prepared For Situations Like This.

A great memorable quote from the metal gear solid v: Once you give up hope, it's all over. It is all a dream.

It Was Funny When Pewdiepie.

These qualities are displayed in the following fifteen quotes, that expose snake’s personality or show his beliefs about the world. Why are we still here? All kazuhira miller radio chatter/voice clips on metal gear solid v (gamerip) watch later.


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