Miss You Mum Quotes Uk. I know i’m sounding like a baby, but i just wanted to tell you that i miss you so much, husband. I love you messages for mom.

Pin by Shauna Riley on Comments and Quotes Miss you mom
Pin by Shauna Riley on Comments and Quotes Miss you mom

I still gave you cuddles and you made me so happy. I never knew you’d go all out to make my wish come true. But not many people live.


To Those Who Have A Mum, Love Her While You May, Because We Wish With All Our Hearts, Our Mum Was Here Today.

My mom is my first teacher, my role model, my first love. I’m glad that you get to live your dreams; But not many people live.

I Love And Miss You So Dearly.

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People Say I'll Be Okay, That I'll Eventually Get Over It.

Just sitting on your lap when i was little made everything better. My mum passed away a week ago today, the pain i feel is unbearable, no one expected it, no one had chance to say goodbye, she was only 57. You were the dearest mum & dad, i know that we were blessed, and pray that christmas angels bring you sweet.

You Are Everything I Could Ever Ask For.

Everyday not sure how much longer i can do this i miss you so much grandad literally everything reminds me of you i act like i’m okay but im not i put on a brave face for everyone else but no one misses you more than me grandad ️ ️😭😭🌏i wish you could come back 😇. Mum i miss you so much. 18) dear mom… i gather all my strength.

I Have To Put In This Much.

I pool in all my might. Not a day goes by when i don’t think of you, miss you, love you and thank god that i was blessed to be your daughter/son. I miss my husband so much it hurts, i am missing him so much quote and messages for him from the heart.


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