Osho Quotes Karma. He felt at one with everything in his setting. The rocks, the sky, the people, the mountain.

A Golden Rule Osho, Osho quotes on life, Osho quotes
A Golden Rule Osho, Osho quotes on life, Osho quotes

“get out of your head and get into your heart. All seemed to be a part of him: This is the law of karma.


Like Water Mingling With Water, You Shall Merge In Absorption.

Illumination the moment you are illuminated, the whole if existence is illuminated. After that, he was a completely different guy. Any action done in unawareness becomes a karma because any action done in unawareness is not an action at all;

He’d Had A Blissful Encounter.

Accept everything as it is.”. Osho quotes on fear & death; Nobody has the power to take two steps together;

“When I Say Be Creative I Don’t Mean That You Should All Go And Become Great Painters And Great Poets.

This is what the law of karma is, nothing else: Osho quotes on life & living; The more experience you have, the more mature you become.

700 Year Gap Higher Souls Have To Wait For A Long Time Reincarnation And Higher Consciousness Reincarnation Is A Misconception.

“don’t say this is good and that is bad. All seemed to be a part of him: Osho quotes on meditation & witnessing

That Word Gives It An Aroma As If It Is Something Scientific, Like The Law Of Gravitation.

That word gives it an aroma as if it is something scientific, like the law of gravitation. Osho quotes on master & disciple; It is merely a hope, not a law at all.


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