Quotes Nct Dream Jeno. Memorable quotes and exchanges from movies, tv series and more. Find out who your boyfriend is in nct dream with a cute short story at the end (all the stories are cute fluffy stories!) ♥.

NCT DREAM Jeno Nct, Jeno nct, Nct dream
NCT DREAM Jeno Nct, Jeno nct, Nct dream

Nct dream's jeno, haechan, and jaemin 120 (podcast episode 2021) quotes on imdb: Renjun // jeno // haechan // jaemin // chenle // jisung. Of the 7 members, 4 are korean, 2 are chinese, and 1 is canadian.


Love & Friendship Music Kpop Boyfriend Nct Dream Mark Haechan Renjun Jeno Jaemin Chen Le Jisung Nct Dream.

Your browser doesn’t assist video. The youngest member (maknae) is jisung (born feb 5, 2002). When giving advice to a fan on 37.5mhz haechan radio, jeno thought of a drama scene that tackled the issue the fan was facing.

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Jeno menjelaskan kalau nct dream akan membalas dukungan penggemar dengan bekerja keras dan menunjukkan sisi terbaik mereka. Chenle, haechan, jaemin, jeno, jisung, mark, and renjun. @sluttyten asked, so she shall receive lol.

Renjun Appropriately Revealed That The Quote Was From Twenty Five Twenty One, Whereas Haechan Identified That Taeil Sang “Starlight” For The Present.

Nct dream ‘s jeno recently shared one of his favorite quotes from watching the show. Here are 10 of his most unforgettable lines! Jeno began the first half of the quote, “do you like getting the compliment that you get from work…” the members immediately recognized where it had come from.

Living In A Wealthy Family, People Perceive Hwang Y/N's Life To Be Treated Like A Princess.

Bisa bayangin gak sih kalau mereka punya perasaan sama kamu? He said, “ not too long ago, i heard this line in a drama. Jadi aku tak terlalu menganggap hal ini sebagai sesuatu yang serius, katanya.

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Jeno completed, “or do you do it because you think that work itself is really fun?” your browser doesn’t assist video. All // fluff // angst // smut // timestamps // social media au renjun //. Fanfiction romance jeno lee jeno nct nct dream nct jeno nct dream jeno jeno x reader.


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